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Where to sell diamonds

VS Pawnbrokers and Jewelers:
If you have ever tried to sell diamonds or diamond jewelry to a pawnbroker or a local Jeweler, you know how low the offers can be. The reason pawnshops and jewelers offer so little is that they have to pay for the storefront and their employees. They also tend to reach a smaller consumer base than large, national companies and websites. If you are looking for a quick way to sell diamond rings, jewelry or loose diamonds for maximum profit, you should consider selling diamonds online. An experienced and established company like us can help you sell your jewelry.

Experts In The Second Hand Market:
When you sell to Diamonds4cashSF, our experts can guarantee the best possible price on your diamonds because the overheads are vastly reduced. Since our company reaches so many more diamond consumers than any small storefront can, we are able to sell secondhand jewelry and diamonds much faster. We also can have all of our experts in one central location which is something retail chains cannot do. Anyone wondering where to sell diamonds will be happy to know that our experts can give them the maximum amount based on more than 55 years cumulative diamond valuation experience. Quite simply we have the best valuation team in the online purchasing market and our expertise means we can offer you the full value for you diamond.

VS Ebay and Amazon:
Selling online from an auction or private sellers’ website like eBay or Amazon may seem like another great option, but there are drawbacks to selling items that way. First, these general sales websites are not particularly known for jewelry or diamonds, so buyers are less likely to look for those items there and most purchases are made by diamond traders looking for bargains. Second, your jewelry and diamonds will not sell as quickly, and you will have to wait longer for money that you need. Then there is the trust issue of the people you are selling to and whether you will receive the money safely. It makes looking where to sell diamond ring harder and online options a much more attractive proposition.

Another reason it may be difficult to sell diamond wedding ring, jewelry and loose diamonds direct to another member of a public because there can be a stigma involved. Buyers want their jewelry to feel like it is theirs and buying a second hand engagement ring can be seen in a negative light. Diamonds4cashSF fulfills that retailer role for you, eliminating any questions buyers may have about your jewelry’s history, since we cover all sides in the diamond and jewelry world.

When you sell to Diamonds4cashSF, not only do we give you the most accurate initial estimate based on the information you provide, but we also provide free shipping and insurance. After receiving your jewelry or loose diamonds, our experts will give you a great offer, and you can have cash in 24 hours once you accept. Our experience will help you maximize your outcome on your jewelry.

 Diamonds4cashSF is an online buyer of diamonds. So you can sell from anywhere within the US. Simply complete the valuation form and we will contact you with an initial offer. We will then send you a free postal pack with free insurance for you to send your rings, jewellery or loose stone to us for expert valuation. However you can also visit our valuation centre in San Francisco in CA for a free face to face appraisal and we will make you an instant offer.