Union Square Diamond Buyers

Sell your engagement Ring in San Francisco

It has never been so easy to sell your engagement Ring in San Francisco. Our process as jewelry buyers as never been so transparent. As long term diamond dealers and GIA gemologists with more than 30 years of experience, we analyze your loose diamond or engagement ring in your presence. We also educate you on how we value your diamond ring or diamond jewelry based on the 4 C’s: carat size, color, clarity and cut. This is how our diamond buyers evaluate the size of your loose diamond or the center stone of your engagement ring. If it is loose, our diamond buyers have a precise and certified diamond scale to weigh your diamond. If it is set in a setting, we measure the dimensions with a millimeter gauge and approximate the size. We compare the color of the diamond you are selling, to master graded GIA diamonds and our experiences GIA gemologists predict the color of your diamond based on that comparison. We always explain and show our clients the color comparison we do. The experience and knowledge of our GIA gemologists is critical when it comes to evaluating the clarity of the diamond you are trying to sell. We show you location and size of the imperfections of your diamond. Our microscope helps us determine if the diamond has been enhanced in any way. If our diamond experts suspect any signs of enhancement, we will show you a screenshot of the location on your diamond on why we suspect that. We also have a scanning machine that scans the dimensions of a loose diamond you are trying to sell and evaluate the cut based on GIA’s standards for cut.

Now we have all the information necessary to make sure we evaluate your engagement ring to pay you the fairest price possible on today’s diamond market. We compare your diamond to a similar one on the market and make you a fair offer based on the marked value. Please contact us via email at www.diamonds4cashsf.com or call us at 415-956-0230 to either schedule an appointment or to inquiry more about our process.

Selling your engagement ring in San Francisco has never been so easy.