Union Square Diamond Buyers

Where to sell diamonds for the most cash!

The team behind Diamond4cashSF has a long term expertise in buying and selling diamonds. We have been diamond buyers for over 25 years. Since we are an established business and know the ins and outs of diamond buying, we are certain we will offer you the most cash for your diamond, engagement ring or any other jewelry that you are trying to sell. Trying to sell your diamond can be easy and simple, when you contact us. If you are in the Bay area, you can easily make an appointment and make it to San Francisco to see us! Other customers that have gone through the same, always are surprised how much more cash they were offered at Diamond4cashSF. If you are not in the area, we can organize a free and secure overnight shipping with UPS or FedEx and will contact you immediately after receipt of your package. We make you an offer over the phone and you can decide to either take the offer or we will send your items back the same day via the same secure and free shipping. In certain cases, one of our diamond experts can travel to you to evaluate your valuables and make you the offer.So don’t go to a pawn shop or auction house, to get a much lower offer or wait for a long period time to get a check that is not representative of the actual value of your diamond or engagement ring. Contact the Diamond4cashSF team today. Or simply click on www.diamonds4cashSF.comWhere to sell diamonds for the most cash