Union Square Diamond Buyers

We make it easy to sell your engagement ring!

Is that engagement ring, that once presented so much, now just remind you of heartache? Are you wanting to turn that engagement ring into cash? Diamonds4cashSF can help. We are expert diamond buyers in San Francisco. To sell your engagement ring to an established business is very wise. Why? First and foremost we pay more than pawn shops or consignment stores. Our GIA graduate diamond buyers, will evaluate your engegement ring and it’s center stone in detail. We take into aspect all the details of your diamond. Wether your engagement ring, that your are trying to sell, has an GIA, EGL, or AGS certificate or no certificate, we will appraise your diamond and take account today’s market to make you a fair offer.We are conviently located in Union Square, close to parking and BART. We pay instantly! Our previous clients have stated that we offered them the most for their engagement ring. Our services are all confidential, safe and fast. All our diamond appraisals and jewelry appaisals are free of charge. Please fill out a form at www.diamonds4cashsf.com to get contacted by us or call us at 1-800-424-GEMS to make an appointment to come in.We make it easy to sell your engagemnt ring!