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We buy estate jewelry

We are a known adress for anyone, who wants to sell diamonds, gold or jewelry, not only in the San Francisco area but also in California and nationwide, since we have a much higher average pay out. But we also buy estate jewelry: any fine jewelry pieces from Edwardian, to Victorian, Georgian or turn of century to Art Nouveau and Art Deco. We understand that antique jewelry pieces are usually one of a kind, and show signs of wear and tear. That is why we take into consideration every aspect of your jewelry when we examine your estate pieces. We have the expertise to evaluate all the important factors of your estate jewelry. Of course it is not only the intrinsic value (base metal, diamonds, gemstones) that we take into account, when making you an offer. We always look at the rarity, era, desirability as well as condition of the pieces.  We are interested in your vintage, antique and estate jewelry. No matter if you are trying to sell a diamond engagement ring or an Victorian broche, we are here to help you just do that. Our expertise will bring you the highest offer for your jewelry. Contact us today at www.diamonds4cashSF.com and let us help you today.We buy estate jewelry