Union Square Diamond Buyers

Selling your jewelry is very profitable now!

With gold prices having reached an all time high, and diamonds having increased in price as well, this is the most profitable time to sell diamond jewelry. Do you have a some outdated pieces that are sitting in the safe deposit box? Do you have broken gold jewelry, that are just sitting there? Or are still hanging on to an engagement ring, that does not represent anything anymore? Diamonds4cashSF is the most profitable way to turn these pieces into immediate cash. Why sell your jewelry to Diamonds4cashSF? It is very simple, we pay more and we pay immediately. After 27 years in the diamond industry, we now offer our diamond expertise and knowledge to our clients. We pay more, because we anylize every detail of your diamond: carat, color, clarity, cut as well as all the other details that make a difference in the price. With that information, we can make you an offer on the fair market value of your diamond or jewelry. Please go to www.diamonds4cashsf.com to fill out a form and we will contact you as quickly as possible. Or just call us at 1-800-424-GEMS. Selling your jewelry and diamond is very easy and profitable. All our transactions are secure and confidential.Selling your jewelry is very profitable now!