Union Square Diamond Buyers

Sell your jewelry wisely!

Are you looking to turn your jewelry into some much needed cash? If so, the best place to sell your jewelry is Diamonds4cashSF!Why? The answere is very simple. Diamonds4cashSF pays more for your jewelry, loose diamond, fine watch,…….But not only we pay more, our transactions are all safe, secure and confidential. You have a few choices, when trying to sell jewelry. Going to a pawn shop is one of them, but does not make sense because pawn shop owner are not experienced diamond and jewelry buyers. But usually pawn shops are also located in shady and unsafe areas. With gold prices at an all time high, all these new companies advertise to buy old gold jewelry, but they usually make you a low offer solely on the gold value of your jewelry.Diamonds4cashSF is an established company for over 27 years. We are highly experienced diamond and fine jewelry buyers. We have GIA graduate gemologists on staff and are known for our expertise in diamonds. If you are trying to sell your jewelry, contact us at www.diamonds4cashsf.com or call us at 1-800-424-GEMS to make an appointment to come in. We happily will evaluate your jewelry at not cost to you and will make you the highest offer on your jewelry.Sell your jewelry wisely!