Union Square Diamond Buyers

Sell your engagement ring today

Today may be the day that you say “I need to sell my engagement ring.” We’d like to tell you that it isn’t as simple as it sounds. You want to get the highest value for an object that you may not know much about. The details that bring value to a diamond, are not something that you can easily see with your eye. This means that many times the person or store that is going to make you an offer on your diamond, is the same store that is going to tell you what kind of diamond you actually have. That can be terrifying, especially when the only information that you are equipped with – is how much the diamond or diamond ring was originally purchased for. Now enter the picture of trust. Why trust us? If we ever plan to by your engagement ring or diamond, we know that we have to earn your trust.

We’d like to start with telling you who we are, outside of Diamonds4cashSF. We’re a retailer, a fine jewelry store, based in San Francisco CA, but we’re also in the top for largest independent jewelry stores in America. Our name is Jahan Diamonds and we’ve been right here in the heart of San Francisco since 1985. Chances are good that you’ll speak directly with a family member of the owner if you call us. Our record of success in the jewelry world has been absolutely built on trust – like you trust your mechanic, or your heart doctor – you have got to be able to trust your jeweler. We understand that selling a diamond ring is your top priority today, but tomorrow is another day – if there’s ever a moment you decide buy fine jewelry again, we hope that you’ll consider calling us again. Selling an engagement ring in San Francisco is the right choice with us.