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“Rarity, provenance and authenticity along with global economic conditions, are driving record prices at auctions”. This has been key to selling important pieces of jewelry. But what does that mean to you when you are trying to sell your diamond or jewelry? It means that you need to contact a diamond buyer that can determine all ofl these factors in your piece of jewelry and has a network of international buyers to market your important piece of jewelry. If you have inherited a diamond or piece of fine jewelry or have a diamond ring that you no longer wear, it is the best time to contact a trusted diamond buyer to either appraise or sell your pieces. Global economic conditions drive a strong demand in larger diamonds and fine jewelry pieces. This is why it is the best time to sell your diamond or jewelry! Contact us at diamonds4cashsf.com or call us at 1-800-424-GEMS to make an appointment for us to analyze your diamond or fine jewelry. You will be amazed at what the diamond you are trying to sell is worth.