Union Square Diamond Buyers

Sell your diamond engagement ring to us and here is why!

The color, clarity, cut and carat weight are very important factors in determining the value of your engagement ring, this information may be found on a diamond certificate or jewelry appraisal. However, they are not the only factors that need to be considered. The condition of the diamond is important, although diamonds are very hard this doesn’’t mean they can’t be damaged. Engagement rings are subjected to a lot of wear and occasionally get chipped or broken, any damage will result in the diamond being repaired before it is recycled this will reflect in its value. The proportions of the diamond are very important and reflect on the price of the diamond, for example a GIA ‘Excellent’ Cut Grade diamond can carry up to a 30% premium when you come to re-sell. You can learn more about GIA Cut Grade here.


If you have a certificate from the GIA, IGI, or EGL USA, for example, the initial estimate you are given is going to be very close to the final offer made. Labs are independent and are experts at grading diamonds. The GIA, for example, is an industry leading Gemological Laboratory. Send us the information from your Certificate to get an accurate initial valuation.

Trustworthy Buyer

There are many online buyers in the marketplace and finding the correct buyer is not all about the initial estimation you are given. Some companies give high initial estimates but then make low final offer in an attempt for you to send your ring into their offices. Choose a buyer such as Union Square diamond buyer who has a worldwide reputation and years of experience within their valuation team

Fluorescence of a Diamond

Another factor to consider is the fluorescence of a diamond. Fluorescence occurs when a diamond emits a glow when it is put under Ultra Violet light, a small percentage of diamonds fluoresce and it is often recorded on a certificate. If a stone has strong or visible fluorescence this can reduce the value of the diamond by up to 25%.We Union Square Diamond buyers, who are experienced diamond experts and can assess each diamonds unique attributes, will get the very best price for your diamonds.

Retain the Rights Over Your Property

Choose a buyer that will respect your rights. If you say you want your ring returned, then the company you choose should respect this right and return the ring within a couple of days. Some companies hold on to the ring in the hopes that you will eventually accept their offer. Union Square diamond buyers always respects the right of the customer at all times and you have full control over your property.

Free Transaction.

If a buyer is serious about purchasing your engagement ring, they should be willing to provide free insurance and free shipping so that they can take a look at the piece and provide an expert valuation. If a company is asking you to cover the costs, think twice about doing business with them. Sell your diamond engagement ring to us and here is why!