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Do not mistake Diamonds4cashSF for a pawn shop. We are not in the business of giving you the least amount of money possible in an effort to obtain unfair and inflated profits. We actually have out-of-towners come in because some diamond buyers in this area engage in this practice. This is also the reason why we are the diamond buyer in the Bay area residents trust. We value your diamonds based on very strict guidelines, and we ensure that you get a fair market price after this evaluation.There are several factors that we use to value your diamonds, and any professional company should do the same. Trustworthy diamond buyers pay fair value based on cut, carat, clarity, color and a few minor details as well. We do have several experienced and GIA graduated gemologists on staff.CutThe cut of a diamond is the only characteristic of the four Cs (cut, clarity, color and carat) that is influenced by humans. The diamonds that you buy don’t naturally come out of the ground as beautiful as they appear. Most diamonds naturally look like glass pebbles, so humans have to cut the diamonds to achieve maximum beauty. The cut influences how brilliant a diamond appears.ClarityDiamonds take time to form, and unfortunately, this allows particles of other material to develop within the diamond. The diamonds in the market, that we look at vary incredibly in these terms. Some diamonds are absolutely flawless, and others have minor imperfections.CaratA carat (ct) is the actual weight of the diamond. Small differences in carat size can cause a huge variation in what a diamond is worth. A diamond that weighs only .10 ct more than a similar diamond could net you more than fifteen percent in increased profit.ColorThere are white diamonds and colored diamonds, and they are graded in different ways. A white diamond is worth more when it has very little color within it. Colored diamonds, however, gain value as the intensity of their color increases. Several natural processes can cause the creation of these colored diamonds.Other FactorsThere are some other factors involved in diamond grading that have a much smaller effect on their value than the four Cs. Two of these factors include polish and symmetry. Of course, the more beautiful a diamond is when it comes to these two characteristics the better, but diamond buyers in California are usually more worried about cut, clarity, color and carat. The market also predicts the prc