Union Square Diamond Buyers

Sell diamonds as informed as you would buy one!

Selling diamonds can be as difficult as buying a diamond. GIA, the world leading diamond laboratory recommends informing yourself about 4C’s as much as possible and choosing your diamond dealer carefully. GIA recommends to look for a GIA Graduate gemologist (GG) to buy your diamond from. The same applies, when you are trying to sell your diamonds. Informing yourself on the 4C’s and finding someone that is a GIA graduate gemologist are key to get the right education and also to get the best price. Our diamond buyers are GIA graduate gemologists, have over 25 years of experience in diamond buying and selling. Our diamond buyers will give you all the information you need on your diamond. We will educate you on your 4C’s and give you a very competitive offer, that will reflect today’s market value. If you accept our offer, we can give you a payment instantly. Please fill out a form on www.diamonds4cashsf.com or give us a call at 1800-424-GEMS, before selling your GIA certified diamond.Sell diamonds as informed as you would buy one!