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Rolex buyers!

Has that watch been sitting in your jewelry box for years now? Is it collecting dust with an old engagement ring, your grandmother’s large diamond, gold jewelry and other unwanted jewelry?By now everybody knows that gold prices have reached an all time high. Diamonds being more expensive than ever, this is a perfect time to sell diamonds and to sell Rolex watches. Those items can bring in more cash for you than you think. Jahan Diamond Imports has been in business for over 25 years and has been serving customers not only in San Francisco, but also from all over the Bay area. Are you trying to sell your Rolex in Walnut Creek? Are you trying to sell diamond in Palo Alto? Or are you selling your engagement ring in Sausolito? Or are you in the market of Sacramento to sell just old gold jewelry? …….We have been dealing not only with diamonds and diamond jewelry, but also with Rolex and fine watches from the beginning and are a short drive away.  And our expertise can bring you more $ for your Rolex watches. Whether it is a Daytona, Submariner, Yachtmaster or a Lady’s Presidential, we can give you a precise quote. We take into consideration all the aspects of your fine watch: the brand, the metal, the desirability, the era and all other factors that contribute to it’s value. Working or not, you will get a cash or check payment on the spot. Our clients state that our buying process is very easy, fast and discreet. They also state that Jahan Diamond Imports has the highest pay out compared to other diamond buyers, gold buyers, pawn shops and watch buyers.Just call us and you fill find out for yourself how fast that old Rolex will bring you the cash you can spend today. Or click on www.diamonds4cashSF.com to find out more.Rolex buyers