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Large diamond ring buyers

Large Diamond Ring Buyers


There may be many reasons why you want to sell your diamond jewelry that you simply possess. Probably you’ve gotten divorced, or you are out of cash. The reasons why don’t actually matters. It is just getting the best possible price that counts.


The best way to obtain the best price for your diamond jewelry is usually not to be in a hurry. Gradually down the lane be very careful and look at all of your choices – there are many. Very first, have your diamond jewelry evaluated. In reality, have it evaluated by two or three neighborhood diamond dealers to receive an appropriate pricing of your diamond jewelry.


Notify your diamond evaluator that you want the maximum market value for your engagement ring or diamond jewelry. This is the wholesale price of your diamond gemstone, and it basically tells you the highest price that you can offer your precious diamond jewelry for. But if your diamond jewelry has no dealer receipt, you should look at getting certificates from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This may help you receive a better price for the diamond gemstone at the same time.


online-diamond-buyersVery first, try to sell your precious diamond jewelry on your own, to people you know well or have close contacts. Friends and family members might be the best choice. If you don’t have any luck with your family or friends or business associates, you ought to consider other resources. Absolutely stay away from pawn stores. A second hand pawn shop is only going to quote you about 10% of what your diamond jewelry might be really worth in US markets.


Also avoid offers of promoting your diamond jewelry in shops and newspapers. There are many things that might go completely wrong, and there’s no shortage of diamond jewelry scams in US news channels, even in well known diamond jewelry shops. Your diamond jewelry is very precious to you, so should think twice about auctioning your precious diamond gemstones by famous market auction houses, for instance Christie’s or Sotheby’s.


If you do not have expensive diamond jewelry or a high-end precious diamond gemstone, make an attempt to offer it to an individual entity using categorized advertisements, or you can even auction it on the internet through eBay or Amazon. On the other hand, handling your precious diamond jewelry to a person that you do not know could possibly put you at risk – particularly if your diamond gemstone may be worth a lot of money.


Your final alternative ought to be a diamond jewelry store. It is very important that you keep a photographic copy of your diamond gemstones as you may sometimes find out that the diamond gemstones you walked into a diamond dealer may be not be the same diamond gemstones that you just walk out with. Be aware of such fraudulent diamond dealers or merchants.

Your neighborhood diamond jeweler might take the ultimate opportunity to exploit you and will attempt to share with you that your diamond gemstones are of poor quality or low carat weight. Inevitably, the diamond dealer will make you feel that are several troubles with your diamond jewelry. This is where your diamond jewelry evaluation or GIA certificate might come in handy. When the diamond jeweler is genuine, they are going to provide you in between 60% and 80% of the market price of your diamond jewelry. Usually do not acknowledge anything amount smaller than this. Again, do not give away your diamond jewelry without obtaining full payment in cash or check.

As experienced diamond buyers for over a quarter of a century, we can help you maximize the outcome when trying to sell large diamond rings. We have been in the same location in San Francisco since 1985 and can help you sell your diamond ring. Please call us at 1-800-424-GEMS or fill out a form at www.diamonds4cashsf.com

Large diamond ring buyers