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Jewelry Buyers in San Francisco

 It seems like you have so many options when trying to sell your jewelry or broken gold items. But at the end you need somebody with solid experience in the industry to be able to give you a fair price when it comes to selling an engagement ring or your GIA certified diamond. We have been jewelry buyers in San Francisco and have the expertise you need. The average pawn shop owner or gold buyer in your small town may not have enough knowledge to grade your diamond accurately. To be able to get a fair price for your valuable items you need a GIA graduate gemologist and somebody who has been buying diamonds as well as jewelry for a long time. Jahan Diamond Imports has been in the industry for over 28 years doing just that. Buying diamonds and jewelry is a specialty of ours and this specialty can bring more dollars to you! We are an established business and are not trying to get away with a quick scam just because the gold prices are high. We have been serving long time customers all over the bay area and worldwide. We are known for our customer service. You will get the same customer service when you are trying to sell your diamond or diamond jewelry. The jewelry buyers you are looking for are located in the heart of San Francisco. But whether you are in Cupertino or Oakland or out of state in Miami, we can arrange a safe and free overnight delivery to us, so you can compare the outcome for yourself. Give us a call today, we will make sure to find a new home for your valuable item. Or contact us, by clicking www.diamonds4cashSF.com and fill out our form to get a free quote. Jewelry Buyers San Francisco