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How to sell diamonds in the Bay Area?

After 27 years in the jewelry industry, we have been approached with a new question? Where do I go to sell my jewelry in the Bay Area? And the answer is simple we buy back  jewelry. Not only that, we also pay more than a pawn shop or other jewelry buyers in San Francisco.

Jahan Diamond Imports is a very well stocked jewelry store in the heart of San Francisco, specialized in diamond engagement rings offered to our customers at true wholesale prices. Over the years our customers have come back to us because of our honesty and integrity. Now our customers are selling their jewelry back to us for the same reasons.

Now we offer this service not only to previous customers, but also to anybody who wants to sell diamonds, diamond jewelry, engagement rings or loose diamonds. Diamonds4cashSF has the same values as diamond buyers as Jahan Diamond Imports has, when it comes to selling jewelry.

Contact Diamonds4cashSF today to sell your diamond to a trusted jeweler in the Bay Area. Or click on www.diamonds4cashSF.com

How to sell diamonds in the Bay Area?