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How to sell jewelry efficiently

If you have unwanted jewelry and need some cash, you’re probably wondering about the best way to sell it. Auctions are risky and can be difficult and private buyers are hard to find unless you’re already in the jewelry industry. Stores are the easiest to do, but how do you ensure that you get the best price? First of all, scratch all of the pawn shops off your list. They will give you only pennies on the dollar for your precious pieces and you deserve better than that. You are now left with two choices: local and online jewelry dealers. Local jewelry dealers should be able to determine your piece’s value, but because they have a limited market to sell back to, they will only be able to pay you a fraction of the value. If you have a unique piece that they aren’t sure they will be able to sell, they might not buy it at all. A reputable online jewelry dealer like Diamonds4cashSF is your optimal bet. Because they have an international market to sell to, they value unique and rare pieces. You can be sure they can always offer a better price than any of their competition. When you need to know how to sell jewelry to stores, the answer is simple: go to www.diamonds4cashsf.com an established business. Now you know how to sell jewelry efficiently! Call 1-800-424-GEMS for more info.