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How to sell diamonds for the most cash!

Knowing where to sell diamonds is important if you want the most money for your diamonds. Unless you enjoy throwing your money away. That’s basically what happens if you try to sell diamonds at a pawn shop, or go at it alone selling it at online auctions. No, the only place to go to sell diamonds for the most money is Diamonds4cashSF, and they offer 3 different choices on where to sell diamonds:Sell jewelry in person at our San Francisco (right on Union Square) location Sell jewelry online with our free appraisal form, secure shipping and quick payments Sell jewelry at home with an in-house appraisal in certain instances of extremely rare or valuable jewelry When you pick your option of where to sell diamonds with Diamonds4cashSF, you get top dollar in person, online, or at your home! So now you know where to sell diamonds for the least amount of money, you can avoid pawn shops and even selling yourself. The best place to go to sell diamonds for the most money guaranteed is at Diamonds4cashSF so sell smart and sell for top dollar every time!For a free appraisal:Call Diamonds4cashSF at: 1-800-424-GEMS or click on www.diamonds4cashsf.com to fill out a form and get a quote ASAP.How to sell diamonds for the most cash!