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How to sell diamond jewelry

There are a lot of reasons why families might be in a difficult financial position. Unemployment rates are high. Companies are downsizing. Banks have tightened lending. Home prices are far below their pre-recession levels. The situation is especially difficult for single parent families struggling to make ends meet. In response, many people have turned to jewelry boxes and diamond buyers as sources of quick cash to pay bills and attain financial peace of mind.Diamonds4cashSF is one of the country’s most recognized diamond buyers. Our established and experienced diamond buyer says that now is a good time to sell used diamonds and jewelry. Increased demand for diamond jewelry in Asia has pushed diamond prices higher this past year. That means customers can now receive more cash when selling diamond jewelry assets.If you want to sell diamond jewelry, use some caution and common sense. It’s easier to be taken advantage of when selling diamonds versus selling gold. The value of your gold can be estimated by looking at the day’s spot price on the gold market. The value of diamond jewelry is more subjective. The best cash prices for pre-owned diamond jewelry are paid by dedicated diamond buyers like Diamonds4cahsSF, who have multiple resale channels locally, nationally, and worldwide. These channels help diamond buyers like Diamonds4cashSF give higher appraisals for used diamond jewelry. Higher diamond appraisals mean more cash for the seller.Diamonds4cashSF regularly offers tips to jewelry sellers. Here are answers to 4 common questions regarding how to sell diamond jewelry:1) Should I get my diamond jewelry appraised?Getting a formal written appraisal can be expensive. The price makes it not worth it for diamond jewelry valued at less than $2000—because remember the appraisal fee is reducing the cash you’ll have in hand when you sell your diamond jewelry. If you do seek a written appraisal, remember to ask the diamond appraiser to appraise the item’s resale or pre-owned market value.The best route in most situations is to obtain a free diamond appraisal from a few different jewelry buyers or pawn shops. These verbal appraisals should give you a good idea of your item’s worth on the resale market. However, be aware that market appraisals from traditional jewelry stores may be inflated. This occurs because the jewelry store does not want you to know how high they mark up new diamond jewelry. Lastly, you always want a professional opinion on what a family heirloom might be worth. The item may be worth a lot more, or a lot less, than everyone in the family thinks.2) What kind of cash offer can I expect for my diamond jewelry? The retail price paid for diamonds or diamond jewelry is usually at least 3X the manufacturing cost—this applies even to those diamonds bought online or reportedly sold at “wholesale” prices. Therefore, do not expect to receive a cash offer that comes close to your jewelry’s original sales price or an appraisal value that was obtained for insurance purposes.When researching prices on eBay, be sure to look at similar used items from the same brand/manufacturer. Also make sure to look at “Completed Listings” (under “Advanced Search”) to see what items actually sold for. Most the items you see listed on eBay as “Buy It Now” don’t actually end up selling at those prices. Either the pieces sit unsold for an indefinite period, or the seller ends up accepting a lower offer.The “Completed Listings” prices for used diamond jewelry may be somewhat higher on eBay than those offered by a local diamond buyer. However, in some cases, a diamond buyer like San Diego Jewelry Buyers may pay you more because they already have individual buyers waiting. In either case, remember that a dedicated diamond buyer needs to make a profit in order to stay in business and provide their services.3) Where can I sell my diamond jewelry?When selling diamond jewelry, you have two options. You can sell your diamond to a business that purchases pre-owned diamonds (e.g. a jewelry buyer or pawn shop) or you can sell your diamond jewelry direct to the public. The benefit of selling direct to the public via an online auction site or classified ad is that you can often (but not always) get more cash for your item. The benefit of selling used diamonds to a trusted diamond buyer like Diamonds4cashSF is that it is more secure, easier, and faster.When choosing a diamond buyer, the most important thing is trust. Look up the diamond buyer’s rating with the Better Business Bureau. Check out reliable reviews at online review sites like Yelp. To evaluate the honesty of the customer reviews, look for reviews that are spaced out over months and years. Be wary of positive reviews that go out of their way to name and criticize another business—as genuine reviewers rarely ever do this.4) Is selling my diamond jewelry the right move? There are few items more sentimental than diamond jewelry. A diamond ring, bracelet, or necklace usually carries with it enduring feelings of passion, love, and tenderness. Selling diamond jewelry is especially difficult if it came from someone who has now departed. Be sure to explore your feelings toward the diamond jewelry you are selling. Is your attachment greater than the cash you are going to receive? How deeply will you regret the sale in a year or two? Are there any other less sentimental assets that you might be able to sell if you need cash?At the same time, remember that while “a diamond is forever,” it is just a material object. If you must sell diamond jewelry due to a hard financial situation, don’t kick yourself about it. It is only a symbol of affection and those symbols can be replaced. If the loved one who gave the diamond jewelry is gone, they would surely prefer that you use it to obtain some peace of mind than hold onto it for sentimental reasons.Contact Diamonds4cashSF today at 1-800-424-GEMS or clicking on www.diamonds4cashSF.com to fill out a form to receive more information.How to sell diamond jewelry