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How to sell a diamond in San Francisco?

Buying and selling diamonds has been the specialty of Jahan Diamond Imports for over a quarter of a century. And we would like to share that knowledge with you. To sell your diamond can be an overwhelming experience, if you don’t have a trusted GIA graduate gemologist to turn to. Of course the experts at Jahan Diamond Imports are GIA graduate gemologists. Once you contact us, our primary goal is to give you an exact evaluation of your diamond (or jewelry). Jahan Diamond Imports will measure your diamond, determine its color (with other GIA graded master diamonds) and clarity and also take into consideration it’s cut. After we shared all this information with you, we will make you an offer on your diamond. If you decide to accept Jahan Diamond Imports offer, we will pay you either in cash or check on the spot. Of course we will leave your diamond ring intact, if you wish to do so. Most of our customers express that we have made it very easy for them to sell a diamond and also that we offered the most cash for their jewelry. We are located in the heart of San Francisco, close to Union Square and a very short walk to BART. There is no need to make it to a pawn shop, whose specialty is to buy music instruments or other electronic items. Jahan Diamond Imports are not gold buyers trying to make quick money and offering you just on the gold value. Our evaluation is absolutely free and will give you a precise idea on the value of your diamond or jewelry. To sell your diamond is very simple and convenient: just bring it to (or contact us for shipment) Jahan Diamond Imports, the diamond expert and find out for yourself. Or simply click on this link: www.diamonds4cashSF.comHow to sell a diamond in San Francisco?