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How to obtain the highest payments, when selling your diamond jewelry

Of course, it can be confusing and difficult for anyone to sell jewelry or an engagement ring from the past. A lot of different factors play into the value of jewelry:1. Diamonds or other precious stones that are used. Size, clarity, color and cut (the 4C’s) define the value of diamonds. And these factors have to be determined by a gemologist, a gemological labaratory or an experienced jeweler. Shape of the center stone, depending on desiribility and fashion makes a difference as well, when trying to sell a diamond ring or diamond jewelry.2. The metal used to make a piece of jewelry is of value as well. Usually more valuable stones are set in either gold or platinum.3.The desiribility, era, rarity, age as well as the workmanship of a piece of jewelry can change its value as well.Determining these factors can be difficult for the average person trying to sell jewelry. But once you know, how to find a person, who can determine all these factors, the task can actually become fast and easy.Diamonds4cashSF has the knowledge and expertise to determine the value of your jewelry, that you are trying to sell. Our GIA graduate gemologists have a vast amount of expertise when it comes to diamonds and diamond jewelry. As an established business of over 25 years in the jewelry and diamond industry, we will evaluate  your valuables.Diamonds4cashSF also has the buying power to make you the highest market offer on your jewelry or engagement ring and pay you on the spot. Contact us to find out for yourself, how we can help you determine the value of your jewelry. Or click on www.diamonds4cashSF.comHow to obtain the highest payments, when selling your dianmond jewelry