Union Square Diamond Buyers

Expert diamond buyers in San Francisco

We have a great team of experts in our office in the heart of San Francisco. They all are GIA trained and have been buyers of exquisite fine jewelry for over 25 years. Of course the best way to sell your jewelry, is to make an appointment and come into our office and meet with one of our experts to have your jewelry appraised. We always love to meet our customers in person. A face to face interaction is always different and appreciated.But what if you don’t live in San Francisco or the Bay Area? There is a very easy option for you to take advantage of the knowledge of our expert diamond buyers. Diamonds4cashSF offers a free and secure way to ship your valuables to us. Of course some of our previous customers have been hesitant to do so. But once they talked to our experts, a lot of them have learned how secure and easy it is to mail us your jewelry. You can go to www.diamonds4cashSF.com and fill out a quick form, so we have an idea of what you are shipping us. Then we will contact you very quickly and will arrange for a free shipping to our office via UPS or FedEx insured through our secure G4Si jewelry shipping insurance. We will have your valuables within a very short period of time. We videotape the opening of every package and will contact you right after to give you all the details of your jewelry. We will make you an offer as well. If you accept, we pay you right away. In case you decline our offer, we will send you back your jewelry the same day throught the same secure and free shipping method.  A lot of our customers have taken advantage of this easy method, and have taken our offers on their jewelry. Why? Our expert diamond buyers are the ones that offered them the highest amount. Please contact us with any questions.Expert diamond buyers in San Francisco