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Experienced diamond buyers

An experienced diamond buyer can evaluate fine jewelry and diamonds very precisely. When it comes to diamonds and fine jewelry, a lot of factors determine the value. For instance the slightest color difference can make a big difference in the price. Or the proportions and the cut of a diamond are very important as well. To be able to recognize and see the differences you need specific tools as well as a very trained and experienced eye.At Diamonds4cashSF our diamond buyers have been doing just that for the last 27 years. Our diamond buyers are graduate GIA gemologists and have evaluated diamonds and fine jewelry for a very successful jewelry store in San Francisco. Our experience and training will help to exactly determine the specifics of your diamond or engagement ring, you are trying to sell.  Then we also evaluate other aspects of your jewelry, like metal value, desiribility, era, demand on the market, etc.Once we have determined all these factors, we can make you an offer on your fine jewelry or engagement ring. Again our diamond buyers have done this before and are very familiar with the market and diamond prices. If you are not satisfied with that offer, you have no obligation to accept and we have provided you with a free appraisal of your jewelry.We understand the process of selling your fine jewelry is an emotional and difficult one. We are here to make it as easy for you as possible, by offering our expertise and the highest price possible.Please contact us at 800-424-GEMS, if you have any further questions. Or go to www.diamonds4cashSF.com.Experienced diamond buyers!