Union Square Diamond Buyers

Diamond buyer review

Selling diamonds online has become more popular as of late as most consumers can command a much higher price from a certified diamond buyer than they can at a local jewelry store. The process is quite simple actually. The diamond buyer will give you a best estimate or sight unseen offer for your diamond. You need to be as accurate as possible and a GIA appraisal helps make this offer much more accurate. The next step is you send your diamond to the diamond buyer and the shipment is insured for the full value of the diamond/jewelry. The diamond is then evaluated and a final offer is provided to you. If you want to sell it for that price they will cut you a check, otherwise they send you the diamond back and it is fully insured.

Cash for Diamonds

Below is our review of the top cash for diamonds online retailers. We reviewed dozens of diamond jewelry buyers and narrowed the selection down this excellent  which is listed below. Selling an engagement ring or diamond jewelry online is often the most convenient and will get the most cash in your pocket.

Best Diamond Buyers

The following company is the top company after a thorough review process. We reviewed dozens of diamonds buyers and this company stood out above the rest. We encourage you to check them out if your are interested in getting the best value for your diamond or engagement ring. Union Square Diamond BuyersDiamonds4CashSFJahan Diamonds