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Best diamond buyers in San Francisco: Diamonds4cashSF


Either go to www.diamonds4cashsf.com or call 1-800-424-GEMS

We think we are the best diamond buyers for several reasons. The first is that we pride ourselves on customer service. Beyond that we offer the most money possible for your ring, because we operate online and do have to pay the overhead involved in traditional brick and mortar jewelers or pawn shops.

That means that more of the value of your ring will be paid to you, rather than our landlord. Furthermore there are a couple of important things when searching for the best diamond buyers around:

Convenience: Craigslist and eBay are definitely alternatives, if you want to spend your time answering questions from people who aren’t serious buyers, and probably don’t know much about diamonds. Getting paid can be a hassle, and meeting people who responded to your craigslist ad becomes cumbersome quickly.

Knowledge: If you sell your ring to a pawn shop, you are dealing with someone who knows a little about diamonds, and a little about antiques, and a little about guitars, and a little about guns, and a little about used xboxes. This is kind of like asking an architect who designs hospitals for medical advice. Sure he knows how big the exam rooms should be, but what does he really know about medicine. Selling your ring to a diamond and jewelry expert will make your transaction faster and smoother. They will know what you have, what it is worth, and will be able to make an offer.

We think that Diamonds4cashSF is the best diamond buyers in San Francisco all of the reasons above. We are a convenient, knowledgeable, and customer friendly company that can help you sell your ring today!


Best diamond buyers in San Francisco: Diamonds4cashSF