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Are you trying to sell jewelry?

Trying to sell jewelry in San Francisco can be a difficult task. Have you been to a pawn shop in San Francisco to sell jewelry? That is not only difficult, but can be risky. Pawn shops are located in shady areas of San Francisco, like the tenderloin. Also pawn shop owners don’t have real expertise as diamond and jewelry buyers. They cannot evaluate diamonds like a graduate GIA gemologist can. Also they don’t deal with large diamonds, day in and day out. They have no tools either to grade a diamond. Pawn shop owners will just give you a low offer on your diamond jewelry, based on the gold value or maybe the brand. Of course they are other alternatives to pawn shops, when you are trying to sell your jewelry. Clients with larger diamonds or estate jewelry think that auction houses are the best way to sell their jewelry. Auction houses charge a high percentage of a sale as a commission. You also risk that the listed item is not sold, but you still have to pay the auction house a high amount for the listing. This can mean thousands of dollars of loss, if you are trying to sell a large diamond ring for instance. The best alternative to auction houses and pawn shops is finding a trusted diamond buyer. Diamonds4cashSF has GIA graduate gemologists on staff. We have the expertise and the tools to evaluate large diamonds, since this is what we do on a daily basis as jewelers. We are located in a secure and safe location in the heart of San Francisco, close to Union Square. We don’t charge you commission. We pay you on the spot. We evaluate your valuables accurately and take into consideration all its aspects: gold value, diamond value, age, era, desirability, etc. As reputable diamond buyers we don’t pressure our clients: we educate our customers, so they can make an informed decision. Please make an appointment to come in and take advantage of our free jewelry appraisal.Trying to sell jewelry? Diamonds4cashSF is the best solution. Click on www.diamonds4cashSF.com