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Secure a showroom visit or if visiting in person is inconvenient, we can arrange free insured shipment of your valuables to us. All items are insured by Lloyd’s of London.

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Our GIA trained staff will offer a no obligation risk free offer.

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For over 35 years, we are an established buyer that is well known in the Bay Area, as well as in the U.S. and internationally. We have been an established and successful diamond buyer with global trade connections in Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Hong Kong, and other diamond trade centers.

We specialize in buying diamonds directly from the public and have the best connections to either direct consumer channels or international diamond markets.

We have bought and sold large quantities of high-quality precious gems for over 35 years and that is why our knowledge and expertise will maximize your payout.

Union Square Diamond Buyers: An established and trusted business for over 35 years!

People sell to us because we pay more for your diamonds and fine jewelry. Our vast experience as diamond and jewelry buyers can help you when it comes to  selling your jewelry, and selling your Rolex and other luxury timepieces. Our GIA graduate gemologists are here to help you determine the value of your jewelry.

Contact us to sell your large diamond or diamond engagement ring. Union Square Diamond Buyers was not created just to take advantage of today’s high gold prices and close the door as soon as the rush is over. We are here to provide yet another service to our customers when their jewelry is no longer satisfying their needs. Contact our expert valuation team.

We can help you sell your jewelry!

We have been diamond buyers and jewelry buyers for over a quarter of a century. We have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate your valuables and offer the best prices!

We offer the most cash for your diamond, fine jewelry and engagement rings. Call 415-956-0230 for an appointment, a phone consultation or a free expert evaluation.

Our expertise as large diamond and jewelry buyers means more cash for you when trying to sell. Union Square Diamond Buyers offers a process that is fast, discreet, and safe. Our showroom is conveniently located close to Union Square, close to parking, BART and all major banks.

Come in and sell a diamond ring or sell your jewelry to an established and well-known business. Selling your jewelry to a trusted and established business will give you the highest payout. Many of our clients search the web using terms such as “diamond buyers” and get a lot of confusing results. We can provide one of the easiest processes to ensure you get the best price for your engagement ring or fine jewelry.

Contact us to sell your diamond or sell your diamond engagement ring or sell your Rolex.


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It has never been so easy to sell your engagement Ring in San Francisco. Our process as jewelry buyers as never been

We have been San Francisco Diamond Buyers for over 3 decades right in the heart of the city on Union Square. We